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9Apps is an amazing app store it includes apps, games and various contents. One of the important thing about 9Apps is it allows you to download any number of apps, games and other contents for free. The users can easily choose apps on their choice and will download on their device. Since there are millions of apps in different categories from that choose your most wanted app. This app store included with various aspects here comes one by one.

Millions of apps:

In this app store, you can find tons and tons of apps for one app search. Also, when comes to games this app store offer only the updated and latest version. Likewise, all the content in this app store is completely updated and opt for your device.

Safe to use:

All the available apps in this app store are full and full safe because before going to upload it on the platform this app store will pre-test all the apps. In the test, the apps which are affected by virus and malware are removed. Thus you can confidently download any number of apps on your handset since its totally aside from bugs.

Storage space:

As in general the 9Apps store is small in size. Also, the apps file that means apk that you download in this app store will be deleted automatically. By this more number of spaces will be secured easily.

Price comparison:

Choosing products with low cost among various e-commerce sites is daunting you can’t able to pick the right one. That’s why 9Apps is featured with the price comparison in which all the site price will be compared and the least cost site with price will be notified to the users.

How to uninstall 9Apps?

In order to uninstall the 9Apps app store, you will be provided with two methods. They are,

  • First of all, you have to visit the Phone Settings now move to “Apps”
  • In the Apps tab, all the apps available in your device will be notified
  • From the list choose 9Apps and then click on “Uninstall”
  • Once you knock on this button it will ask to make sure whether you want to uninstall the 9Apps or not
  • You have to click “OK” or “Yes” to confirm the uninstall process
  • After that also click on “OK” to complete the uninstall task

Method 2:

  1. Most of the users enable the apps to visible on the screen itself
  2. Based on the phone personalization option the apps will be hidden and visible on the screen
  3. In case the 9Apps visible then long press and drag it to the top of the screen
  4. There you will be provided with 3 options Uninstall, remove and replace
  5. In that drag the 9Apps to the “Uninstall” option
  6. Now a notification button will display where you want to knock on “Ok” to do uninstall the 9Apps

Thus the 9Apps app store will be uninstalled from your device. The place where this app store situated will look empty.

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