How Do I Delete Preinstalled Apps On Android


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Well, uninstalling the preinstalled app on your Android is not quite easy. You need some tasks to carry out the deleting process. But, at the same time, how these preinstalled apps are formed? As nature, most of the Android users are always kept a bundled of special apps separately by the manufactures. They are not installed just on your memory card; they are usually installed on the operating system of Android platform. In addition, it is very difficult to remove the apps with just a single click. Of course, at the same time it is important to delete the preinstalled apps, right? If so, then study the following article and get to know how to delete preinstalled apps on your handset.

Why remove preinstalled apps?

Mostly, the preinstalled apps are usually in their ROM. And also, they consume too much of memory space. This makes your phone to slow down while carrying out other programs to a greater extent. The sad thing is that you do not directly delete such preinstalled apps. For this, you need to get the authorization from the root of your Android phone.

Further, in order to delete your preinstalled app, understanding about root may be difficult and sometimes cause unbreakable problems. Due to this condition, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the root and then go ahead of the process. As a whole, in order to speed up your downloading process and phone efficiency, deleting preinstalled apps are very important.

How to delete the preinstalled app?

Well, it is the most frustrating one and needed one too. Of course, most of the people are panic because if the uninstalling process will affect the warranty process, right? If so, make use of the above-mentioned root method, then start the uninstalling process. The following are the steps to be carried while uninstalling the preinstalled apps,

  • attach your Android phone to the personal computer
  • You can easily fix your handset to the processor with the help of USB cable.
  • opt for the root program
  • Then, you will get a confirmation message shows that your cell phone is successfully connected to the computer
  • Then, you have to click the “OK” button
  • establish the rooting process
  • hit it off the “initiate” button in order to hold out the process
  • The rook will check your request and provide a solution to root your mobile phone based on the model of your mobile phone
  • authenticate the rooting process
  • After detecting the program, you should initiate the rooting process. In order to begin the process, go for the option, “Root at the moment”
  • Again, the user will be asked to confirm the process. In order to proceed, you need to force down the “confirm” button.
  • After clicking, the deleting process will be finished and the procedure will be shown on your main screen.
  • At last, pick the app you want to remove forever.

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