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Downloading apps was never so faster and convenient. 9apps is an app store which has all the apps you desire for your Android handset. There are plenty of features in 9apps but the users get puzzled when it comes to 9apps.install. They are always looking for ways to install the store and the complications related to the latest versions available. We will further deduce on how to install and other common queries in the mind of the user. To give the readers a brief idea, 9apps helps you to download apps of any category namely music, sports, games, themes, etc.

Is installing 9apps difficult?

9apps.install can be done on android handsets and PCs quite easily. There is a need to install the APK file of 9apps to enjoy the benefits of the app. The developers have different versions and make sure to install the latest version to obtain a full advantage. 9apps is available easily on the official website. Steps:

  • Download the APK file of 9apps
  • By default, the android shows a warning when installing the file. You need to click OK and allow the file.
  • You have to also allow permission from Settings of your phone
  • Go to Security Settings and Turn On ‘Allow Unknown Sources’
  • Any unknown app is thereby permitted to be installed for some time
  • Proceed with the installation of the app store by- Click Install
  • On the completion of installation- Click ‘Open’
  • App installed, enjoy using the benefits
  • Moreover, the interface is very simple and can be used by one and all

Discuss the features of 9apps?

Before 9apps.install it is better to be well versed with the basic features of the app store. We shall list below a few features to make you understand.

  • Size: The size of the app store is less than 5MB for Android handsets, so it is easier for your device to accommodate the app store. Moreover, the compressed data along with the app also consumes less space.
  • Wide range of apps: The apps and contents available are huge. One can find apps related to any genres and these are updated by 9apps developers constantly. According to the user’s search and recommendations, the apps are added and upgraded within the store.
  • Free: All 9apps.install takes is few MBs. The app store is free to use and so is cost-effective. We download apps from different categories and installing the app store will give access to these apps in a few clicks. That is great.

Play store is already available on Android devices, is 9apps different?

Play store in your handset generally supports English as the main and at times the only language. 9apps.install will provide you with many language options. The 9apps has data compression which lacks in the current play store you have. There are app recommendations where one can refine his/ her search by the options available. Loyal users have the option of getting coupons from various shopping portals, unlike any other app store.

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