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With the advances in technology and lifestyle, almost everyone one of us owns smart phones. It is a known fact that smart phones are all about smart apps in them. Since apps are the essential thing for smart devices, people can access these smart apps from play store. For Android devices, it usually comes with inbuilt app store like Google play store. With help of this app, the user can completely depend on it to access and to download any android apps. In addition to these, there are few more app stores are available that user must try. This way, the user can understand and get even more beneficial features that they would receive from Google play store.


9apps is famous app store designed for Android devices. This app has been designed to overcome the cons that Google play store includes. This means that sometimes Google play store ask for payment to get an app what the user desires. But this 9apps app store totally gets rid of it instead of providing the user almost any sort of android threat free apps without charging any cost.

9apps Vs Google Play Store

Although these two apps are designed to provide same services for the users, there are some essential things that differentiate these two apps. To let you know the comparison of 9apps vs. Playstore, below are given some info that you must go through.

  1. Size

It is a known fact that 9apps includes only apps in apk file format. This means that it is light and small and so it requires too lesser space to allocate on the user device. On the other hand, play store consumes memory of more than hundreds of MB on the user device. Since 9apps size is only in kb, one can run this app even on low RAM smart device.

  1. Millions of apps including third-party apps

Through 9apps, the user can download even third-party apps like Vidmate absolutely for free. But in case of Play store, it is rarely possible. Sometimes, it won’t be available with third-party apps, if available; user has to pay to utilize its features. Whereas 9apps also offers a wide range of games, apps, music, themes, ringtones, and so on for free.

  1. Good Download Manager

When compared to Google play store, 9apps acts as good download manager. 9apps provides fast downloading speed and even user can manage downloading process with auto-resume, pause and play features.

  1. Search Technique and user interface

9apps offer simple and easy to use user interface. Also, it provides search technique in the user-friendly way which is more understandable as compared to Google play store. Through 9apps, user can view apps in categories and subcategories mode, making searching process easier.

Furthermore, 9apps is confirmed for secured apps. In addition to these above features, there are a lot more reasons are available why 9apps is best. But above all, it is an individual preference to pick up the best for the services. Choose the best one as per your needs and go ahead.

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