Can I Customize This App According To My Preferences


This app download from 9apps

Yes, absolutely. One can customize the 9apps according to their preference since it is user-friendly app. For example, you can select the language you need to search for. Based on your preference, you can choose the type of file in order to download it. In addition, the user has the chance to set the location for the downloading app. as a whole; 9apps can be customizable according to the user needs and requirements. Want to make your mobile phone more personal? Looking for the customizable app? if so, then why don’t you prefer 9apps? Here, the following article shows how you can modify the 9apps based on your preference.

How to customize?

Currently, no other apps offer as many customization options like 9apps. The software application of 9apps enables the users in order to utilize the options to modify the phone as the way you want it to be. Here below, some of the options are given. From that, you will at ease to make your phone better and cool. So, kindly take a look at the subsequent points.

Select your language:

Do you know? The 9apps is available in different regional languages like Tamil, English, Marathi, Hindi and many more. So, are you thinking about how to customize the 9apps, right? If so, prefer the language in your mother tongue and then enjoy the features of the app. in order to increase the accessibility, the 9apps are available in many regional languages.

Further, nearly more than 200 millions of users have used the app and more than 50 millions download is carried out per day. This makes the app stands ahead from competitors. Moreover, one can select the language in which they want the app to be.

Change your app icons:

Getting tired of using the usual app icons? If so, then there is a way to change your app icon as well. of course, with the help of app launcher, you can change the icons of 9apps. For this, you need to install icon packs. Once installed, then you will be provided with guidance for every step you are going to perform in order to activate the icons.

Then, you will be at ease and know how to customize the 9apps icon according to your preference. So, don’t hesitate to download the app. make use of the internet and avail the 9apps today itself. Moreover, you can easily modify any tasks with just a single click.

Use password to lock 9apps:

In order to protect the 9apps on your handset from an unauthorized person, you can use a password. With the help of password, you can save your personal details, downloaded details and many more from illegal people. By this way, you can easily customize the 9apps without any hassles.


Thus, the above stuff helps you to get more details about how to customize 9apps without any issues. Moreover, you do not need to spend too much of your valuable money in order to make any changes in the app. as a whole, the 9apps is the best platform for mobile users.

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