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If you look for a Google Play Store alternative, look no further than 9apps. This is an Android play store. Using this 9apps, you can download Android apps that are not available on the Google Play Store. Managed by the Alibaba Group of stores from China, it has more than 10 million apps and 35 million daily app downloads. 

This application is popular across Indonesia and India having 97 million users. It is entirely free and you will be able to download free games and applications from this site. Here is a look at the advantages of using 9apps:

  1. Among the many plus points in using 9apps is that you don’t need a Google account for this. So, you are no longer within the Google ecosystem.
  2. For those apps that you pay to use on Google, you needn’t pay to get those apps on 9apps.
  3. You can avoid Google tracking your every move by using 9apps and a different account.

Google tracking is an issue with many people who wish to maintain their privacy. That is the reason they use VPN servers and avoid Google accounts.

Refine your search specifically to your need

9apps gives a variety of things including applications, wallpapers, videos, stickers, themes, and games. Use the search tool of 9apps to do this. When you do, it provides not only the results you search for but also all relevant results also. You may use the Smart Filtration tool to create a more specific search. This means you can add category, topic, audience, and feature to your search. And, there are further sub-categories to refine your search. This helps you arrive at your result much faster. The results are relevant to your needs alone.

An efficient and organized UI

The user interface on 9apps is neatly organized to help users make a fast and relevant selection. There are many separate dedicated sections such as Social, Entertainment, Audio, Music, Health and Fitness, and much more. The small size of 3.6 MB is lightweight compared to the 64 MB of the Google Play Store.

Notable features of the APK

  • It provides fast downloads for Android apps even on slow internet connections.
  • Apps you download from 9apps are constantly upgraded.
  • No need to use a Google account.
  • You have more than 10 million apps for download on the site.
  • This free APK file is only 3.6 MB, a small size file.
  • It works on all Android phones.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You get access to apps like Vidmate that you don’t have on Google Play Store.

High security and good storage

9apps is a highly secure platform for downloading games and applications. It does not have any pop-ups to interrupt you. The environment is absolutely virus-free and safe.

It provides support for 3rd party applications such as King Root, Tube Mate, Vidmate, and more. When you need to download unsupported apps on Google Play Store, you have to do so at your own risk. Here all the apps are provided from authentic and secure sources. You may make unlimited downloads with 9apps. You get to know what storage space you need before you make each download. Check this and make your download safely and fast.

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