Download 9Apps

Looking for the best Google Play Store alternative from where you can download Android apps that are not normally available on the Play Store? Then you must check out 9Apps.

9Apps is an independent Android play store for which you don’t need a Google account. To install 9Apps on your mobile phone, you can simply download the APK file. Once the alternative to Google Play Store is installed on your mobile device, through it you can download and install all the apps available in the store. It is not just any other app. 9Apps has been developed and launched by the Alibaba Group. Through this app you can download unlimited media content including movies, wallpapers, games and of course, apps.

Why install 9Apps on your mobile device for Android apps?

Aside from the fact that 9Apps lists more than 10 million apps according to the last count, one of the biggest advantages of installing 9Apps is that you don’t have to completely depend on Google. If you solely depend on Google for your Android app, you have to always comply with its various rules, often constraining and totally centered around its revenue model.

On the other hand, if you use 9Apps, you’re no longer confined to the Google Play Store ecosystem.

Another benefit is that you don’t need to log into your Google account to be able to use Android apps. A big problem with downloading Android apps from Google Play Store is that you need a Google account. Due to various reasons, many people don’t want to have a Google account (because then Google begins tracking everything you do on the net) but if a Google Play Store alternative is not available, they have no other option but to log in into a Google account and then download the Android apps they want to use or need to use. If you download and install 9Apps, this is no longer the case.

9Apps package information

Name 9Apps
Developer 9apps Inc.
Size 3.0 MB
Requires Android 2.3.4+
Category Utilities/Tools
Update 17-11-2018

Salient Features of Downloading 9Apps:

  • Small-sized, free APK file, just 3.6 MB
  • Fast downloading of Android files even on slow Internet connection
  • The Android apps work on all Android phones
  • The apps offered through 9Apps are constantly being updated
  • The interface is completely easy-to-use
  • No need to have a Google account
  • You can download apps like Vidmate which are not available on Google Play Store
  • Wide range of apps available – more than 10 million

Pondering over the Advantages of 9apps: keeping the most suitable aspects to the forefront

  • The most obvious advantages of 9apps is that it is not that similar to the Google Play store in its feature but showcase an excellent collection of applications that can be downloaded for the use of the individuals.
  • The application is easy to download and can be installed within minutes of it.
  • The application contains various features that can be used to make all the downloads more transparent and easy.
  • One can also download two applications at a time and use the feature in other places as well.
  • The major priority of 9apps is that it is compatible with most IOS platforms and does not cause any disturbance or problem while it is being installed.
  • Even the feature is marvelously displayed with icons that are specifically designed for the app.
  • Some applications do require a specific amount that is to be paid but one can afford that to enjoy the benefits later on.
  • The assemblage of the app is easy and not that tough
  • Security regarding personal accounts is maintained and app updates are also possible from time to time.

How to download and install 9Apps on your mobile phone

There are various sources available on the Internet from where you can download 9Apps onto your mobile device. You will need to download an APK file. Just make sure that an updated version of 9Apps is available from the source. If you don’t want to look around, you can straightaway download the APK file for your 9Apps installation from here.

The 9Apps App Store can be installed on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile phones. Below we have listed the various steps needed to download and install 9Apps on your particular mobile phone.

Highlighting the main Difference Between 9apps and Google play Store: Signifying the major aspects of both

  • Google play store and 9apps have both the ability to help individuals download all the specific apps that can be installed within minutes.
  • Although play store more load of applications than 9apps, both of it are valuable in the intake.
  • One can not only find futuristic applications on 9apps but there is the greater significance of it when it is downloaded.
  • While Google play store maintains the privacy of the user and keeps the account safe and secure, 9apps might slightly hinder a great danger to the privacy of the individual and make matters worse for some.
  • A locking feature for all apps is present in the Google play store that can be accessed once the application has been updated to the latest version. But for 9apps, only downloading and installing is possible.
  • The most obvious difference between 9apps and Google play store is that the collection is huge and from fitness to education to lifestyle as well, all latest apps are available for free.
  • The criteria with 9apps is that some apps require a certain amount of payment or else it is difficult to download it.

Installing 9Apps on Android mobile phone

  1. Download the 9Apps APK file from either or somewhere else and save it somewhere on your mobile phone.
  2. You may have to change Settings in your Android phone so that you are able to install Android apps from “Unknown Sources”:
    1. On your mobile phone, go to “Settings”
    2. Go to “Security”
    3. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option
  3. Go back to the folder where you have downloaded and saved the 9Apps APK file. Tap on it and it will install.

Once 9Apps is installed, you can either use its home screen to look for the apps you want to install or you can use the search function to find the app you need.

Installing 9Apps on your iOS mobile phone like iPhone

Most of the useful apps on iOS and App Store are premium apps and you have to pay for them. This is why, a big benefit of downloading and installing 9Apps on your iPhone is that you will be able to use exceptional-quality apps on your iPhone without having to pay for these apps. Here are the steps needed to install 9Apps on your iOS device:

  1. Go to from your iOS phone
  2. Tap on the download link
  3. Your iPhone or iPad will request that you either choose the jailbreak version all the non-escape version – choose the most appropriate version for your device
  4. Tap the installation icon
  5. Once the app is installed on your iOS device you will be able to use all the apps available in the 9Apps App Store

Installing 9Apps on your Windows Mobile phone

Installing 9Apps App Store on your Windows Mobile phone is a straightforward process

  1. Just like you did it on your Android phone, go to the Security section and set your phone to be able to install apps from unknown sources.
  2. Go to and download the APK file and save it somewhere on your mobile phone.
  3. Go to the folder where you have saved the APK file.
  4. The App Store is installed on your Windows Mobile phone.

How to use 9Apps to find and install your favorite Android mobile apps

Once you have installed the 9Apps App Store, the icon will appear on your mobile screen. Tap the icon and you will get the 9Apps home screen. The home screen has all the mainstream apps, mobile games, videos and music streams organised under the appropriate categories. You can simply go to the appropriate category and download the media that you want to download or you can use the search function.

If you have been using the Google Play Store for a while you will find using 9Apps very easy, but if you’re using it for the first time, it is like any other App Store. The apps appear with the title, the description, the rating and a Download button. People can also leave reviews so that you can decide which app to download and install on your Android phone.

So, go ahead and download and install 9Apps on your Android phone today.